Multifaceted Medical Massage "Experience the difference, Feel the RELIEF."
Multifaceted Medical Massage"Experience the difference,Feel the RELIEF."

I will say when I first heard about MediCupping I was iffy on rather it would work or not for my hamstring. As a baseball instructor, I've tried many things in the past that didn't work. With just a 1 hour visit, I had noticeable changes. I felt that I could run better without tightness. I felt sore but with no pain at all. I wish I'd known about this great therapy years ago. Now I'm hooked! If you haven't tried this for any sports injury, you're missing out on something SPECIAL!

C. Wilson

Baytown, TX


I spent 6 months in bed because of not being able to walk. I saw five different specialists who could not tell me what was wrong with my back and wanted to perform experimental surgery. I decided to give MediCuping at The Relief Clinic a try. On my first vist, I walked in with the help of a walking stick and walked out without it. On my second vistit I drove myself all the way to Victoria and after my third visit, I was able to go back to work. Now I'm able to run a 1.5 million dollar restaurant because I regularly get relief from Steven Chapa at The Relief Clinic.

C. Horton

Rosenberg, TX


I will never get a regular massage again in my life!!! I expereienced medicupping at The Relief Clinic here in Victoria TX. Class act! Very Professional. This is the most amazing thing ever!!!! Best night sleep in forever!

Melinda H Rogers

Victoria TX


Headed into work this morning feeling better than I have since I picked up my first camera at KAVU.  The weight of all the equipment really weighs me down, and I've had some serious back issues up until now. Thanks to The Relief Clinic, my back, neck and shoulders feel wonderful! I went in on Friday and still feel relaxed and loosey goosey this Monday morning. The best part is, it didn't hurt at all! They got me in and out feeling better in no time. If you have pain or discomfort in your muscles, check The Relief Clinic out ASAP! 

Briana Conner

News Journalist at KAVU


Went to The Relief Clinic and had a 15 minute medicupping therapy done. Let me tell you, those 15 minutes did more for my shoulder pain than physical therapy and 2 cortisone shots did put together!! I'm going back tomorrow for a longer session. I am totally hooked!

Ariana Reyes

Victoria TX


Ok, I haven't had a good night sleep in years!!! Thanks for removing my back and shoulder pain! I can't stop telling people about it. Well worth every minute of it! Can't wait to do it again. Thanks again so much!

Dyan Kutach


Victoria TX


Thank you so much for the amazing massage! I felt great during and after! I have been telling everyone to go try as it was an AMAZING experience! I still feel great today and by this tie I usually have chronic pain. Thank you!

Ashley Turner

Victoria TX



"Experience The Difference, Feel The Relief"

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